The Political Development of Argentina

I am Argentine (an unimportant correction but we cling to unimportant things), yes.

I think if Argentina was colonized in the 18th century yes, in the 19th it is harder to say. By the mid 19th the seeds of populism and the root of corruption already took hold. In the 1930s the political elite of Argentina made a horrible mistake which led to Right-Wing Peronism (think Trumpism but worse in every regard) which led to modern Peronism which is just naked power, corruption, and destitution and will wear whatever ideological mask is in at the time.

Argentina did not choose either protectionism and investment in heavy technology where competitive advantages can be found, nor did it choose liberalism and becoming a master of trade. It's vast lands became dominated by the capital for it's control of the port, because it was placed in an advantageous position for pacific trade. However, this didn't last as the Panama Canal finished in 1914.

After the 1st World War Argentina did well for a while becoming the richest (GDP per capita) nation for a short while. However, it never industrialized and it never diversified away from agro-export. The finishing blow came in the 2nd World War as Peron with Italian sympathies never declared a side in the war, finally when war ended Argentina found itself alone the final large cult-of-personalityesque fascistic power. It became isolated in every sense (geographical, political, economical)

Instead of moving in a direction populists and ideologues raped it's wealth, and it rapidly became the uneducated welfare state so feared in the West. The majority of it's population is coerced and/or prodded into a crabs-in-a-bucket system where they parasitically feed off of those whom are productive who remain. Rule of law fell.

The final mistake sealing it's tomb was the military coup of the 70s. Isabel Peron the second wife of Juan Domingo Peron was a horrible leader and yet instead of leaving a legacy which stained populism and Peronism, the coup provided the perfect sacrificial lamb on which to wipe their bloodied hands-- and reapply a new face of makeup; this time socially left-leaning to placate the ever-changing winds of public opinion.

Mauricio Macri and his goverment were the final shudders of a dying (or already dead) nation. The 'savior' implemented policies that were left by European standards, however the media and popular culture were what controlled the people. Old institutions such as the Church were bought out by stolen blood money (Why do you think the Pope visits Venezuela so much? Curious how the Vatican is the final remaining black box of finance, no?) and the vision of government was weak enough that poor financial management, a worsening global climate, and a drought combined in a hellish tornado to finally return Argentina to it's same rulers of the last 70 years.