"Rational" (Which Is Not to Say Important or Even Correct) Anti-vaccination Motives

FPHthrowawayB - [original thread]

I am 2019 Chinese coronavirus vaccine critical (a term I quite prefer to antivax). I will go ahead and list (some of, since I might miss some due to the sheer number of how many different ways I could express my opposition to them) my reasons for this in order of how "rational" (which is not to say important or even correct) I imagine people on this subreddit might perceive them to be:

1. The IFR of the 2019 Chinese coronavirus for my age is pretty low (1 out of 2000 according the final CDC estimate, lower I would imagine in reality without exaggerated statistics), so it'd barely be worth my time to even go through the hassle of getting one of the vaccines and suffering the side effects for even a 100% elimination of the risk the virus poses.

(And, by the way, the ridiculously small chance that I could infect someone who is vaccinated themselves doesn't even factor in to my thinking. Their protection is their responsibility. I hold to the principle that what goes into my body should be primarily for my benefit and nobody else's as a basic aspect of bodily autonomy and individual sovereignty.

Of course since I understand statistics on a basic level this probably wouldn't factor in even if I didn't believe this, given again that it's such a ridiculously small chance that I could probably better protect them by spending my time installing a handrail in their bathtub.)

2. Despite this, averaged over all scenarios, and as the best calculations I've been able to make from the CDC's data tell me, I actually do think getting one of the vaccines would probably reduce my mortality risk very very slightly (which doesn't necessarily mean it'd be worth it from a purely economic/numerical standpoint as explained above, but still) in absolute terms (and admittedly fairly heavily in relative terms, again if the stats are correct which I question).

But as the amount it would reduce it by is so low even according to the official numbers, I think it's reasonable to weigh it against the somewhat amorphous probabilities of these vaccines being substandard medicine in some fashion, either since their rollout (with information that would have revealed this fact having been malicious suppressed, a possibility I still don't rank as all that likely but unfortunately feel I can no longer consider wholly too remote to be plausible) or in the future (if/when some or all of the vaccinated begin exhibiting long-term side effects, at which point the Cathedral will of course do everything in their power to downplay, deny, and gaslight people about them). (The fact that the mainstream (and even some non-mainstream sources like posters on here) have essentially tried to pretend that Pandemrix didn't exist and long-term vaccine side effects are "impossible" isn't helping my confidence in this area either.)

Plain and simple, I do not trust the new woke medical complex to be as scrupulous and trustworthy as the old one. A lot of what is good about the old one is still preserved in the new one (via institutional momentum if anything), but the gulf between an essentially absolute trust that the system is for the most part a collection of people trying to universally do the right thing and a suspicion that this may not be true is effectively infinite. The type of trust required between doctor and patient is of a character where if you lose them even a little, you've lost them entirely. They've lost me.

3. Irrespective of the merits of the vaccines, the strong coercion, shaming, appeals to guilt, etc. that have been used in an attempt to essentially force people to get one of them are wrong, and I refuse to sanction these tactics by complying. Whatever else they do, these vaccines suck little bits of Danegeld out of everyone who takes them. (One could also see getting vaccinated as endorsing the ridiculous safetyist philosophy that drove most of the world's response to the virus which, even when fully separated from any other political/ideological axis, is itself inane, incompetent, and worthy of nothing but resistance, contempt, and censure.)

Of course it's not even just single-issue independent coercion driven by a notion of "Society should be able to compel people to get vaccinated and follow other epidemiological measures irrespective of possible rights violations that would be considered in other contexts." We've already had that for a long time, and adding one vaccine against a dinky little nothing virus (IFR-wise) changes very little about the calculus there.

The real underlying point that they're trying to enforce with the whole performance, not just the vaccinations themselves but how they've been conducted and presented, is "You must do everything the Cathedral tells you to do, ideally with enthusiasm, identification cards, and social media celebration, and if you don't you will/should be punished." So it's an even much heavier Danegeld being paid than the surface-level one of the possibility that you might be forced to have some more mRNA put in you in the future.

That is, the vaccine is just the convenient excuse. The point is the submission.

4. And on that note, given that I wholly despise the same general Cathedralist societal complex pushing this vaccine as essentially a new religious rite of the self-proclaimed "pro-social" and "empathetic" for, among other outrageously vile things, rendering the results of the 2020 election fraudulent and cheering violent thugs on as they ran wild and burned down half of America's cities in the Summer of 2020, I am very much resistant to the idea of doing anything they want me to do for any reason (unless it's something I would have already done myself without their involvement, but that doesn't apply in this case as there's a good chance almost nobody would have even heard of this virus had they not chosen to make it a star figure of 2020) and very much inclined towards disobeying them in any case simply out of pure, beautiful, and reactance-fortified spite.

Imagine Israelis trying to hand out vaccines in Gaza at the moment. That's how I feel about the system offering them up. Do not fuck me over again and again, cheer on my attempted destruction, and endorse chaos while then suddenly insisting "But we're all in this together! What about protecting society!?" when you want me to do something for you. All you will get is a big fat wad of spit on your cowardly little mask.

5. As a bonus, the types of woke footsoldiers that tend to be the most concerned about vaccination rates going up tend to also be, on an intimate, personal level, the type of people I hate most. So pissing them off is fun. And they do richly deserve it, at least in my view.

6. In summation, to really rationally guide your life, you have to understand that hedonic optimization, not mortality reduction, is the goal of life. (Otherwise you are led to the lamentable and farcical ideology of safetyism where you spend an only marginally longer (as there's only so far you can extend the human battery's lifespan) but significantly more miserable life in a plastic bubble, reducing your QALYs more than any virus could.)

I know that I would feel worse emotionally and psychologically being sick from one of the vaccines for a week than being sick from "long COVID" (the latest bogeyman that coronacultists pull out when they can no longer avoid acknowledging how triflingly trivial the mortality numbers are for young people) for a year, because the latter would simply be impartial Mother Nature running her course on me, whereas the former would be a humiliating act of subservience that I intentionally chose, as "irrational" as such a moral dramatization of vaccination may seem to some.

When I think of getting the vaccine, I cannot get the image out of my mind of having Ashli Babbitt's blood injected into my muscle tissue, the Cathedral's sin directly implanted into my literal source of strength. No, it's perhaps not rational to be behaviorally affected by what is, at best, a somewhat relevant metaphor, but without such things, what separates a man from an automaton, a slave?


So basically, on one end, it just doesn't seem that urgent and is possibly even risky if you're skeptical enough of the establishment (as I am) and play around with the probabilities enough. On the other end, it has also become the holy sacrament of a dangerous upstart religion that I am opposed to in every fashion and is rapidly taking over my society. Would a Roman pagan rather have risked dying than accept the medicine of a Christian doctor? I'd like to think some would have, especially if it were, all things considered, a relatively mild illness plaguing them.

As a bonus, here are some reasons to not get the vaccines that I reject: anything to do with microchips/5G/Bill Gates (All of these things are potential causes for concern but not in this context I don't think.), anything to do with QAnon (bullshit from the beginning, the right-wing boomer version of Russiagate), anything to do with Trump being God (I was very disappointed with his actions on January 6th and have little more regard for his fate/welfare now than any wokester's, not to mention that he's hardly been a vaccine skeptic.), basically anything that's explicitly based in ideas that could only be called delusions interpreted totally literally.

Hopefully that helps.