Guys Just Want One Thing - and It's a Clear Cut Way to Pursue Women

he's just trying to get laid like every other guy, but he pretends, even to himself, that he's not.

Literally every guy is trying to get laid except for asexuals (and even then that exception is debatable depending on your conception of asexuality).

If your ideology makes it literally impossible for any straight male to be a “nice guy” since any sexual forwardness is problematic, any indirect sexual probing is “nice guyism” and just giving up is self deluding “Nice Guyism”. Then why would any guy ever try to even be a Nice Guy by even a sane definition of the term.

Again this seems like an example of Woke just burning through social capital. It used to be men would go out of their way to be nice to women and behave accommodatingly, partially out of sexual interest but also partially out of a desire to be well thought of by female social circles (“If Im nice to her then maybe she’ll encourage her friend to date me”). Whereas if you are just going to mindgame it so there’s no way to ever win...well you remove any incentive to maintain that niceness.

If your going to be treated like shit whether your nice or not, you might as well default to just treating women the way everyone treats everyone all the shit.

You won’t engage with them warmly in any setting where an HR person could ever get involved (so no school, work, or social organization warmth), and you won’t bother putting in the effort to build normal interpersonal relationships outside those settings since they’ll just woke mindgame.

The above is a description of what I’ve noticed this alot with my friends in their 20s: there is very little cross-gender friendship and the guys, even when they’re dating girls, don’t really give a shit about them or their feelings and will ghost them or dump them in the cruelest ways even after months.

I mean sure these girls might breakdown and curse his name til the end of time and their girlfriends will say “what an asshole” but there aren’t any consequences because their friendship circles don’t overlap, there are a million girls in the city just a swipe right away, and if you do try to be nice and not simply ghost them like a mercenary monster, or try to integrate your friendship circles you’ll have to deal with their woke friends dragging everything to hell.

I’m in a longterm relationship and I’ve tried to have dinner parties where I introduce my guy friends to my girlfriend’s perpetually single and painfully woke girlfriends and these poor guys will get their heads ripped off for expressing any interest in just like normal conversation. The woke shibboleths will always come out and I’m lucky if we can get through the dinner party without one of the wokesters screaming at these poor guys.

And its never the guys who bring up politics and they never even disagree with the girls, they just majored in something besides activism and, like most of the population, don’t follow politics.