Failure, Race, and the Status Quo

BLM doesn't care much when black people shoot each other at a rate far far higher than cops.

What do you want to do to solve this issue of black on black crime? What do you believe causes this and what policies do you want to fix this?

Do you disagree that the media downplays violent incidents where the perpetrator is Black, vs when the perpetrator is white or Asian and the victim Black?

Compare the media coverage of George Floyd to the media coverage of Tony Timpa or Angelo Quinto, who died in very similar circumstances.

Or look at how the death of Vicha Ratanapakdee was blamed on "White Nationalism", and how mainstream media outlets are so careful to NOT mention race in so many recent attacks - except the Atlanta massage parlor shootings, were of course the shooter's race was everywhere.

Or look at how much ink doesn't get spoiled for the thousands of Blacks shot last year, the vast majority of which where by other Blacks.

What do you want to do to solve this issue of black on black crime?

1) Be able to talk about it honestly. Somehow, everyone understands that the statement "most Olympic sprinters are Black people" is extremely different from the statement "most Black people are Olympic sprinters". Yet as soon as you talk about disproportionate Black representation amongst criminals you're instantly tarred as a racist and the conversation shut down instantly.

In 2018, black-on-asian violence was on the order 100 or 200 TIMES asian-on black violence. Can we talk about that?

2) Be able to address unpleasant social issues. Everybody knows that children born in wedlock, with two parents, do much better in life. Black children with two present parents are poor at something like 20-25% the rate at which Black children who don't have two parents in the home. Yet I almost never hear progressives or liberals talk about the Black out of wedlock birth rate as is it were a problem. ALMOST 75% of American Black babies born are born out-of-wedlock.

And yet BLM used to have an action point specifically disrupting the importance of the nuclear family.

Ditto the success sequence. "Get some kind of education or training. Get a job, learn to be financially responsible. Be in a committed relationship. THEN maybe have kids". Yet mentioning this, let alone suggesting it as a source for better life outcomes, is somehow controversial and or racist?

3) policy wise there's a lot that I think isn't working, but this post is already long. I will briefly talk about one thing I think actually helps - school choice and charter schools. The failure to educate many poor Black kids in America is I think upstream of many of the other issues.

Look at the phenomenal success of schools like the Success Academy in NY. They are lottery-entrance, so selection effects are largely mitigated (at least when comparing those who got in to those who lotteried but did not get in). You can look at the studies yourself, but tldr is they take poor Black and Brown kids and educate them EXTREMELY well.

I am absolutely flabbergasted that people who purport to care about Black kids aren't screaming these results from the rooftops. Even if you think "you can't cherrypick the best charters and act like all charters are so good" - which is fair - people should be talking about, lauding, and imitating the successes.

What I want is basically the opposite of the status quo - which is ignoring issues in the Black community and acting like it's everyone else's fault in a white supremacist nation.