Error in Covering Up Tiananmen

I'm convinced that covering up Tiananmen is possibly the biggest error of CPC propaganda, another ugly consequence of their beliefs about the administration of «harmonious society» (and, I suppose, lack of reality-based feedback, the yes-man culture in the Party apparatus). To be precise, they suppress the discussion but do not outright deny something happening (a bit like how Western sense-making apparatus does not deny fertility data or immigration advocacy or the eventual effects of demographics on political future of modern conservative platforms, but reminds you that «white replacement» is a conspiracy theory). Except China is much worse and cruder at this.

The better story to peddle is that there's nothing to hide except the heroic story of protecting the nation from Western-backed insurrection plot, and in all likelihood an overwhelming majority of the Chinese today will approve of what has happened on that square back in 1989. In fact this is the official story, available at, see translation here. Note its clear cinematographic potential.

And Tank Man? You shouldn't censor the video evidence (by the way it's impossible to quickly find the full unedited scene, seems like all reputable Western sources cut out the end or drown it in unwatchable commentary), but instead plaster it all over, you must ridicule it, make denigrating memes, claim that he was mentally deficient (adding quietly but intelligibly «as is usually the case with dissidents»), and his actions protected nobody; that gullible Westerners are propagandized from birth to build their worlds around a vague soapy narrative about proud rebels making a desperate last stand in front of Evil Asiatic Hordes, so Tank Man clicks right into it prompting no questions, but in reality he just obstructed the evacuation of the tanks from the square on the next day, when all purported mowing-down has been long done.

Not only does censorship provide opportunity for grassroots gloating, as is the case with Winnie the Pooh meme, but the silence creates injection points for absurd Anglo state propaganda, such as this "declassified cable" from some British Sir where it is claimed that the protesters were repeatedly run over and ground into «pie» by tanks, then incinerated and finally hosed down the drain.

Moreover, you should double and triple on your bullshit, the way Americans do. Just making your point or calling out people who «libel» and «defame» you is not enough, ideally you need to oversaturate society with your politics, to churn out Avengers tier content with your biases baked right in, and even explicitly make dramatic high-budget movies about Tiananmen called something like, I don't know, «Private Lin». It should be an embellished documentary about a simple no-nonsense soldier man from an inland province (someone with Hlynka's character, really), his struggles during Mao's era (oh! I know! He should pay respects to Premier Zhou in the day before the first Tiananmen accident!), his hopes for the glorious future of his nation, some tearjerker with his beloved son who is insulted and bullied by elite kids from intellectual families; his desperate attempt to save the future he believes in (over-the-top action sequences is a must) – and his brutal execution by rabid zombie-like bespectacled rioters who caught an incurable Western mind virus in their posh universities (warning, very NSFW picture). Tanks rolling in to take vengeance... His family, mourning in the traditional ceremony but carrying Red Flag, as a sign of reconciliation between Han identity and Communist ideology, his son swearing to continue the fight... Add some tasteful parallels between Nobel Prize winner Gorbachev saying to the Great Hall of the People in front of the Square that «economic reform will not work unless supported by a radical transformation of the political system» (give him an ominous shadow) and Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, frothing at the mouth encouraging the riots; in the credits, show the desperation and crushing poverty of post-Gorbachev's Russia, show pretty blonde girls begging for obese Murican expat's dicks and cocaine in 1995 while their parents die of hunger in Siberian villages, show Mir space station breaking down to sad orchestral music and the debris sinking in South Pacific, mere two years before the success of the first Chinese manned space mission; return to Liu giving full-throated support to invasion of Iraq; segue into modern high-tech China and COVID-as-bioweapon accusations... oh, hell, I could go on for hours, these are only the few most obvious ideas. Hollywood has taught us all well how to put Goebbels and Ehrenburg to shame.

Alas, the Chinese think they know better than me.