Antipathy Towards Doctors and Lawyers and Bankers

Eh, I'm a programmer that works for the investment arm of a megabank, if you think the kind of things said about doctors here and elsewhere are negative and discount the good that your profession does while downplaying the difficulty I have to advise you to thicken your skin. Doctors are practically worshiped compared to some of these people you're comparing yourself to. Like seriously? You think antipathy towards Doctors is even in the same class as antipathy towards lawyers and bankers? In this thread you've used phrases like scumbag lawyer and fat cat bankers, are you even aware of phrases like this to describe doctors? Because there are phrases meant to denigrate people who even attempt to steal the prestige of doctors like quacks and snake oil salesmen. It all comes off like a victim complex. Maybe people think you're overpaid but how many guillotines have they constructed outside of your offices?

I get it, there are very real downsides to becoming and then being a doctor, I'm constantly pointing out to my SO how ridiculous many of the requirements and processes they describe to me are and how quickly they'd be streamlined if they were run like my sector is. But

And discussed here, people get really mad about our salaries.

I don't think people are getting mad about your salaries, I think they're calling you out for having the gall to complain about your salary and the prestige of your position when they're both among the highest of all professions. You need to reach into some truly incredible niches to find better salaries and entirely other niches to find greater prestige. And all your justifications for doing these reaches is going to piss off the people whose careers you're entirely ignoring the downsides of in order to cherry pick the one good thing they have going for them because you want it all. It all leaves me thinking that if this is how you see the job market why the hell did you choose this profession? It's not like these were hidden aspects, they were written on the door when you came in.