Accelerationism Is Not a Russian Weapon

Given that being pro-Palestine is now an integral part of the woke left (and has been since at least the Ferguson riots of 2014 over the Michael Brown "Hands up, don't shoot" hoax and certainly since 2016 when the BLM inserted pro-Palestinian clauses in their national policy platform), it's really a neat parlor trick to paint any Jewish American who opposes the woke as a secret Zionist who only cares about Israel and doesn't really care about fairness.

Where's the secrecy, though? Weiss is open about her sympathies. This «common sense for sane people; you're not a crazy traitor commie wokeist who takes issue with West Bank settlements, right?!» gimmick is so transparent. Neoconservatism 2.0, more or less. Middle class white americans, spooked by the riots and violent rhetoric, are to predictably move right. It sometimes helps to have only two parties and package deals for ideologies.

a large number of the Intellectual Dark Web opposed to the woke are Jewish. Presumably, Jonathan Haidt, Bret Weinstein, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro

No kidding. "Intellectual Dark Web" is pretty much a Jewish country club with like two token gentiles. Maybe it's an IQ thing. It also has, IMO, a negative effect on American right, peddling toothless "classical liberal" pearl-clutching and strictly zero new potent ideas (as evidenced by nobody here discussing their intellectual output; or maybe it's like dark matter?). Eric Weinstein in particular is deeply uncharismatic, neurotic, openly identifying with his tribe over the West, and his only selling point is being promoted by mainstream actors while organic right is suppressed. They serve to occupy the space where folks like Sailer could go "see, told you, was telling you for decades". Sorry but I don't feel thankful that these Intellectual guys have taken it upon themselves to enlighten us plebs on the virtue of washing our hands and so on, hijacking the discourse in the process.

you're an accelerationist sitting in Moscow who seeks to heighten the contradictions in America, a known tactic of online Russian trolls.

Russian accelerationist trolls, yeah. This eternal roadblock towards American unity. Fine, let it even be so, I'm not in any position to demand good faith. Tell me then, were it Russian trolls who created the entire woke Theory in the first place? And who championed the demonization of whiteness? (Well, Noel Ignatiev is kind of Russian I guess.) Were it Russian advocacy organizations which demanded of Facebook to suppress negative reactions to 2020 rioting, tightening the spring for future backlash?

And is it always wrong to highlight the contradictions? There is a clear contradiction between loyalty to your people and loyalty to foreign people in some faraway place, just as there's a contradiction between handwringing over Uighurs and gleeful approval of New Yorkers expelling Palestinians from their homes; resolving such contradictions leads to coherent self-interested behavior. Meanwhile "woke or troll" is a false dichotomy, false on both ends.

False contradictions aren't rare, too. While white Americans listen to the based conservative Shapiro, the non-based liberal Ezra Klein analyzes how to minimize the sense of threat white people feel over their incoming demographic replacement. Oh, silly me, that's another debunked conspiracy theory! The correct term is whiteshift. Thanks Eric. And Ezra's complex-minded ex-colleague Matt Yglesias advocates for importing hundreds millions more, for geopolitical reasons. This is all a very lively discussion. As I have said, white Americans, with their own interests (whatever those are), have little say in it. They're to cheer for one team or the other.

Point is, accelerationism is not a Russian weapon. It is born out of the observation that some negative trends receive positive coverage, and this dulls the pain they create, minimizes the ability of the public to react to them in time before their effect is fully felt; which leads to the idea that countering this deceleration is a reasonable tactic to minimize long-term damage. Poisoning the well by pinning the blame on Russians is just more deceleration, more painkiller. Americans love their painkillers, maybe they're taking too much.